The Hamilton Transit Centre, Richmond BC, HVAC and Industrial Metal Fabrication Project

The Hamilton Transit Centre (HTC) in Richmond, B.C., Canada, was twice the size that Smith Sheet Metal Works LTD, Port Coquitlam, B.C., had ever taken on at the time (2017). Further, it required all the buildings to be completed simultaneously. Smith Sheet Metal Works tackled the job with confidence and successfully delivered it on time.

On approximately 17 acres, HTC supports the operations and maintenance of a fleet of 40- and 60-foot buses and contains areas for carpentry, upholstery, electrical, sheet metal, and auto body work.

Smith Sheet Metal Works fabricated and installed a stainless-steel exhaust canopy over a massive parts washing bay, stainless steel bus exhaust canopies, and multiple 50-foot-long fuel bay stainless exhaust canopies, dust collection systems, plus a huge spray booth exhaust and make-up air system— big enough to fit double-length articulated buses.

In order to accommodate lifting large buses into the air for maintenance and repair—and to maintain a pleasant appearance—all of the ducting had to be fitted into the exposed roof trusses. “It posed quite a challenge,” Mr. Smith said. “We had to create specialty fittings because not all of the trusses lined up, creating numerous offsets.”